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Secutron’s MR-2320 is a dual releasing control panel that is field configurable for use on Deluge Sprinkler Systems, Pre-action Sprinkler Systems and Agent Release Systems.

The MR-2320 is equipped with six Class “B” (Style “B”) input circuits and four Class “B” (Style “Y”) output circuits rated @ 1.7 Amps maximum. (Total of 5 Amps) Optiona Class A converter modules are available for both input and output circuits. In addition both internal and external relays are supported by the MR-2320. The relays can be configured for both single and dual hazard applications.

The MR-2320 is field configurable for three releasing type functions; Deluge, Pre-Action Sprinklers and Agent Releasing. The mode of operation is easily configured by selecting one of eleven pre-configured modes of operation. The simple configuration process is done via the front panel and requires no laptop or complicated programming.

The MR-2320 comes complete with a red or white door, black enclosure, durable CAT-30 lock and key and space to mount up to 12 AH batteries. An optional trim ring is available for semi-flush mounting.


Field configurable to operate with a Deluge Sprinkler System, a Pre-action Sprinkler System and an Agent Release System

Six Class B (Style B) Input Circuits

Input Circuits One to Four can be configured as Non-Verified Alarm, Non Latching Supervisory, Latching Supervisory or Agent Release/Water Flow depending on the Mode of Operation selected

Input Circuits Five & Six can be configured as Manual Release Input, Abort Input or Abort/Manual Release Combination Input depending on the Mode of Operation selected
Input Circuits can be converted to Class “A” (Style “D”) using the MR-2300-A Converter Module

Four Class “B” (Style “Y”) Output Circuits which can be configured for Silenceable Signal, Non-Silenceable Signal, Silenceable Strobe, Non-Silenceable Strobe or Releasing Circuit (Circuits 3 & 4 Only)

Output Circuits can be converted to Class “A” (Style “Z”) using the MR-2300-NC4 Converter Module

6 Amp Power Supply

4-wire smoke power 22.3 VDC @ 300ma max. Supervised Aux Power 22.3 VDC @ 500ma max.

Aux Power (Unregulated) 24 VDC @ 1.7 Amp max.

Relay contacts for Common Alarm (Non Disconnectable), Auxiliary Alarm (Disconnectable),

Common Supervisory (can be converted to common alarm if no Supervisory input) and Common Trouble

Cross Zone option
Counting Zones option

Output signals can be configured for Steady (fixed) or Escalating (tone changes as input operation changes)

Release Timer 0 to 60 Seconds (5 second increments)
Manual Release Delay 0 to 30 Seconds (5 second increments)

Soak Timer 0 to 15 Minutes (21 Intervals) Abort Release Timer (Standard UL Type Delay, IRL Type Delay, NYC Type Delay, Local Jurisdiction Delay)

Special Releasing Power Supply and Release Activation Considerations preventing false dumps

Configurable to perform two hazard areas

Simple panel programming through eleven Pre- Configured Modes of Operations

Complies with UL 864 9th Edition requirements

Optional Modules

MR-2300-A Input Circuit Class “A” Converter Module

The MR-2300-A converts the six Class “B” (Style “B” input circuits on the MR-2320 to Class “A” (Style “D”) circuits. The MR-2300-A is equipped with wire leads to connect to the MR-2320 main board.

MR-2300-NC4 Output Circuit Class “A” Converter Module

The MR-2300-NC4 converts the four Class “B” (Style “Y”) output circuits on the MR-2320 to Class “A” (Style “Z”) circuits. The MR-2300-NC4 is equipped with wire leads to connect to the MR-2320 main board.

MR-2306-R6 Relay Circuit Adder Module

The MR-2306-R6 provides six configurable relay circuits, rated @ 28 VDC, 1 amp(resistive). The MR-2306-R6 can be configured for single or dual hazard applications.

MR-2312-SR12 Smart Relay Module

The MR-2312-SR12 provides the same features as the MR-2306-R6 module. The MR-2312-SR12 provides twelve configurable relay circuits, rated @ 28 VDC, 1 amp (resistive). The MR-2312-SR12 comes with a red enclosure and is mounted remotely from the panel on an
RS-485 connection.

Remote Annunciators

MR-2306-ATR Remote LED Annunciator

The MR-2306-ATR provides eight points of LED annunciation and features bi-coloured LEDs which are auto-configurable for either Alarm (red) or Supervisory (amber). It has indicators for A.C. On, Common Trouble and Signal Silence and control switches for System Reset, Signal Silence, Lamp Test and Buzzer Silence. The MR-2306-ATR is equipped with a keyswitch which allows for enabling and disabling of the Common Control functions. The MR-2306-ATR is available in a red or white finish and mounts in a 4-gang electrical box.

MR-2316-ATZ Remote LED Annunciator

The MR-2316-ATZ Remote LED Annunciator provides 16 points of LED annunciation. The MR-2316-ATZ comes standard with bi-coloured LEDs which are automatically configured for either Alarm (Red) or Supervisory (Amber) and individual trouble LEDs. The MR-2316-ATZ has indicators for A.C. On, Common Trouble and Signal Silence and controls for System Reset, Lamp Test, Fire Drill, Buzzer Silence and Signal Silence. In addition it allows for the control switches to be disabled on a per function basis. The MR-2316-ATZ mounts in a MR-2300-BBR enclosure.

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Control Panels


 Pre-Action/Deluge/Agent Releasing Panel


Pre-Action/Deluge/Agent Releasing Panel with built-in UDACT Digital Communicator

Remote Annunciators and Modules


Eight zone Remote LED Annunciator


Sixteen zone Remote LED Annunciator with individual Trouble LEDs


Smart Relay Module


Enclosure for MR-2316-ATZ

Adder Modules


Six Input Circuit Class “A” Converter Module


Four Output Circuit Class “A” Converter Module


Six Relay Circuit Adder Module



Black Semi-Flush Trim Ring for MR-2320 enclosures


Configuration Tool


 Current Limiter Module (Red Plate)


Solenoid End of Line Module (Red Plate)

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